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Your mind, body & soul.

Re-Boot, Re-Balance & Re-Energize

This 3 month Individualized Program is designed to fit your individual needs for detoxing, reducing pain, relieving anxiety, promoting proper digestion, and strengthening your Mind and Body. 

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""I help others reduce stress, improve their wellbeing, and manifest personal transformation."



Thank you for joining me. I'm Cindy Wagner and I am delighted you found me. Please browse through my pages and discover what amazing life-style changes you can make which will add beauty, longevity, vitality and balance to your life.

SPECIAL: Only $100.00 (+tax)60 min.

Also offered, Synchronized Abhyanga, Enjoy a luxurious, warm oil massage as two therapists apply aromatic herbal oils on you in synchronized movement.(The oils are specific to your body constitution).