Breathe Deeply; Breathe Consciously

As I think of all my clients, I wonder how they are. I specifically do not choose the words, “I wonder how they are doing “ because it implies that the “doing” part is the most important aspect and I believe it is an aspect of life, but not the all in all.  The being part of each person’s day is actually more important in terms of health. It is not that I do not care about what each person is doing with their time.  I’m sure each one can accomplish wonderful things during the course of a day.  The more challenging question is, “How much time does each person spend being?”  Though awkward sounding, “How are you being?” is what I really want to know. As the reader of this article, let me ask you this and some other questions. 

Are you breathing deeply with long breaths? Are you experiencing the fullness of the breath as your lungs expand and push outward to your rib cage? Can you feel your diaphragm descending downward to make way for your lung expansion? When was the last time you breathed so fully? What keeps you from doing so now?  

For many of us, it is our busy schedule.  We have packed in every hour every day with so many ” to-do’s” that breathing just doesn’t fit into the schedule. Take time right now to pause and breathe deeply, even if it is only for one minute. Place your palms over your navel. Your belly should be expanding during the inhalation and pushing toward your spine during the exhalation. Close your eyes and allow yourself to let go of any current stressors. If you have any rose-geranium essential oil, put a drop on your palms and rub your hands together. Then place palms gently over your face and breathe in the aromatherapy oils.