“ I had minimal familiarity with what a polarity session would entail, only knowing that it was something to do with the energies in the body.  I was interested in getting some body work to help address issues of fatigue and decreased energy.  I also had some digestive issues, night sweats, and some general depression that made me feel like I was moving in slow and unhappy motion throughout the day.

I noticed immediate changes after the first session with Cindy, largely that my gut was working much more efficiently and I didn’t feel so tired.  Further visits have made a difference in my mood most definitely.  I found Cindy’s information on Ayurveda and body constitutions interesting and many of her suggestions were relatively easy ones that I was able to follow, like a tea for example that was incredibly easy to make and which really helped my digestion.

Cindy’s hands are knowing and gentle during the sessions and I imagine that in addition to her skill and expertise, there is also a fair amount of her own intuitiveness that she brings into the room.  It is amazing, but often as she has been working on a body part, I feel heat there or sometimes some tingling.  One time my stomach made the most amazing sounds during the treatment which I interpreted as that things were finally working a little more efficiently in that area!  

I really love the work and I love the way that Cindy brings nothing but kindness and her deep desire to share her practice in order to help a person feel better.  She takes the time to really listen at the beginning of the session and the work which follows really reflects that.  I don’t think she looks at a clock watch as she is working! I believe she listens and works with the body, until the body, for that day, is truly better.

For body work, there are few other practitioners that I can think of that I have trusted and admired as much.  I look forward to each visit, knowing that when I get in my car to leave, my body and my head will feel pretty different then when I arrived.”



“Cindy creates a space of tranquility and nurturance which invites opening and healing.”



“ I would recommend Cynthia Wagner to anyone.  She is gentle, attentive, caring, knowledgable and very effective in healing abilities.  You get the sense that she values each and every person that she sees and that she will give her undivided attention to helping her clients heal whatever ails them.  I always leave my appointments with her , feeling balanced, energized, and grateful that I had gotten to see her.  In fact, in writing this, I am realizing I’m ready to schedule my next appointment!”



What package or treatment did you sign up to work with me?

I signed up for Ayurvedic treatments and lifestyle recommendations, but Cindy has also given me polarity and sound healing treatments.

What transformation has happened in your life/health since you worked with me? 

I am making more conscious and informed choices about what kinds of foods I eat and am more easily digesting my meals. I am doing daily meditation and have incorporated many Ayurvedic dietary and cleansing practices into my life. I am happier, sleeping better and more relaxed, and am able to use my hands and legs better. Most importantly, I am experiencing very little pain compared to when I first started seeing Cindy. 

If you knew then what you know now, what tip or advice would you give others that are considering my services/work?

Start now. Cindy’s services & consultations are designed to heal, educate, and help us incorporate healthy habits into our lifestyles. Her services are designed to, literally, last a lifetime, and the sooner we get started, the longer we have to enjoy a healthier life.

What was the problem you were experiencing before you came to see m

I have a chronic illness, multiple sclerosis, as well as cervical dystonia, compressed ulnar nerves, insomnia, depression, and PTSD.

Had you previously tried anything else to solve your problem? If so, what?

Yes. I’ve tried Western medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, muscle relaxers, pain medications, antidepressants, counseling, tapping therapy, and massage. Ultimately, I’ve found that the biggest impact to my health is diet and lifestyle, so now I consult with Cindy every time I see her about the choices I’m making.

What was your biggest fear/obstacle before working with me?  Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?

From the first time I met Cindy, I knew she was someone I could trust, so I didn’t have any fears about her working with me. She was offering exactly the services I’d been looking for. She has been a major player on my healthcare team since then and her treatments have helped keep my legs and arms functioning. She truly has healing hands and provides a safe and loving environment in which I have been able to recover and maintain my health. 

Did you have concerns about spending money on this program?  How do you feel about the purchase now?”

Cindy’s services have been invaluable to me. If I were able, she would be the highest paid person on my healthcare team.

What specific part did you like most about the program and why?

I love Abhyanga treatments, which are medicated, warm oil massages. They have kept my bones and muscles supple and moving, in spite of many health challenges and muscle spasticity. When I feel out of sorts, Cindy’s polarity treatments quiet, relax and energize, moving me back into a place of balance.

What would be three other benefits you got out of this program?

Cindy’s dietary & lifestyle recommendations have been major influences in recovering my health. Her recommendations are things I can do proactively for myself and greatly impact my daily functioning and comfort level.

When Cindy explains to me how the body works in Ayurvedic terms, it helps me apply those teachings when I am facing acute health issues. For example, when heat is exacerbating my MS, I now know which foods to eat, or stay away from, to settle the body down. When I’m having digestive troubles, I can use spices or herbal tea she’s recommended or eat specific foods to aid or quiet the digestion.

Cindy is committed to healthy living and actually does all the things she suggests, so she is able to help me figure out ways to incorporate new practices into my life. Besides regular treatments, she’s helped me find appropriate exercise routines, renew my commitment to daily meditation, and to feel empowered about managing my own health. And that’s exactly what I wanted, because I know my body better than anyone else.


                                                                                                                                                 -Lorrain, Living  well with MS

“I’ve been blessed to have regular weekly polarity therapy sessions with Cindy Wagner.  I called Cindy at a time that I was particularly challenged with the enormity of daily life.  I wanted assistance in developing a personal yoga and meditation practice, and perhaps moreover, I felt a profound desire for energetic therapy that might help me cope with daily demands and to evolve as a householder, family man, professional and spiritual person.

Cindy brings a rich and grounded life experience to her therapy sessions which she freely combines with her expertise in several modalities, especially polarity work and Ayurvedic healing.  She listens and responds thoughtfully, openly addressing the needs or inspiration I might bring to a session as a client.  “It’s all energy to me,” Cindy once laughed.

I am a professional biologist.  I believe in experimental learning and I believe in the universal power of therapy and mentorship.  For me the polarity and breathing work, coupled with meditation and assistance with diet that I take away from sessions with Cindy have all had a deep and lasting progressive effect on my wellbeing.  Cindy is a guide, she offers council, she provides therapy……I am 47, have two young kiddos and a loving partner. My days are full and time goes by in the blink of an eye. Cindy Wagner is helping me be my best through it all!!”



“Cindy gave me a lot of information on her treatments.  The warm oil massage was a different experience.  I enjoyed it greatly and I will be back to try a Polarity Session and other therapies.”

                                                                       - anonymous


“Very knowledgeable and a nice person.”

                                                                       - anonymous


“Amazing healing hands!  Highly recommend!!!”

                                                                        - anonymous